Label qualities

More important than the bottle or the adhesive is probably the label, the right quality and look of the label are very important, isn’t it?

┬áPaperqualityA good results stands and falls with the quality of the paper (or plastic) that is used for the label. A stiff label won’t be easily to apply on a small round bottle, a thin label will stain, the wrong fibre directions in paper will the label do bending,. news papers will sweat, enough? If you are new into labelling most label manufacturers can provide you information about where to start also. If you want Intercol can do small trials at the laboratory with your products. So we can ensure you you’re probably looking in the right direction or not.

Plastic labels

Plastic labels are more often used nowadays. These labels are usually only to bond with hot melts. The stiffness, roughness and raw materials make one decide for a special sort of adhesive. Be carefull with using different label qualities in the label processing (this not only counts for adhesives).