Який контейнер позначити?

With only a good knowledge of adhesives not all adhesive related problems can be solved. This simply is because one needs to know details about the differtent substrates also. The basis of substrates can, looking after the relation with adhesives, be divided into three categories:GlassBottles of glass can be coated with different coatings, the bottle could be wet, hot, cold etc.. All these and many other properties do influence the right choise of labelling adhesive.


Plastics are generally divided in PE, PP and PET. Then again many plastics have it’s own special properties, special coatings that serve as barricade for special kinds of fluid or the plastic has been made weak to be squeezeable.

Tin Cans

Tin cans are generally of same quality. Coatings and anti-rus can make a difference but mostly is a non-issue.


Choosing the right labelling adhesive requires information about:

  • The purpose of packaging. (e.g. one way or reuseable)
  • Heat or cold conditions
  • Exposure to direct sunlight
  • Temperature of substrates and product at the moment of labelling
  • Dry or wet substrates
  • The production speed
  • Different substrates that are used